Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association

TAIA brings members from the irrigation industry, research, education and production agriculture together to work toward water conservation and improved profitability in irrigated agriculture.

TAIA was established in 1991 for the purpose of promoting quality standards in irrigation: proper design, installation and management of agricultural irrigation systems. We recognize the agricultural irrigation industry is vital to sustaining production agriculture. We place a strong emphasis on education for everyone associated with the manufacturing, distribution, installation and management of modern agricultural irrigation equipment. ​

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Goals of TAIA:

  • Promote standards for proper design, installation and management of irrigation systems

  • Promote water and soil conservation through efficient irrigation practices

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Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association


Affiliate Member of:
Irrigation Association
Groundwater Foundation
Texas Ground Water Assoc.
Texas Water Conservation Assoc.
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Lubbock, TX  79408
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The Dick Laursen Memorial Scholarship was created in honor of Dick Laursen.
A lifelong…