The Dick Laursen Memorial Scholarship was created in honor of Dick Laursen, a life-long irrigation specialist. Dick was born in 1942 into a Nebraska ranching/farming family. He began his career as a purchasing agent for a pivot manufacturer; then moving on to Rain Bird Ag before partnering to open SWISH, Inc., an irrigation company. With his partners, Dick spent the rest of his life building SWISH, until his death in 1998. 
TAIA will award scholarships based on the applicant’s qualifications.  Scholarships will be available to registered, full-time students either entering college or continuing a college education.  Graduate students are also eligible. A recommendation from a TAIA member would be beneficial but is not mandatory. Scholarship funds will be given to the student's selected college to use towards enrollment expenses.

The scholarship committee will start taking applications October 1, 2023..  The deadline for the 2024 scholarship will be March 1, 2024.  Applications should be mailed to:
Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association
Scholarship Committee
PO Box 10613
Lubbock, TX 79428

For Fed-Ex deliveries please send to the following address:

Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association
c/o Kern Stutler
6028 79th Street
Lubbock, TX 79424

  • An agriculture major
  • Attend a Texas university or college
  • Full time student (12+ hours)
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA reporting GPA at end of each semester
  • Maximum 500 word essay with application
  • Not required to be a Texas resident
  • $500 per semester / $4000 total maximum / 4 year maximum
  • Funds sent to attending school first semester, from then on GPA and enrollment must be verified by a scholarship committee.


ARTICLE X – Special Programs & Finances Section

Scholarships:  There shall be a separate bank account designated for scholarships.  The board of directors will develop a scholarship policy and application. The board will determine annually the amount of money to transfer from the general fund into the scholarship account.  Additional money contributed specifically for scholarships shall be placed in the scholarship account.

The Board of Directors shall appoint a scholarship committee chair at each annual meeting. The committee chair will select a minimum of two additional TAIA members to serve on the scholarship committee. The scholarship committee will determine the recipient of each scholarship awarded based on the scholarship application and policy