Programs and Services

  • Quarterly newsletter

  • Web site with membership roster

  • Educational workshops and conferences offering continuing education opportunities
  • Scholarship
  • Participation in trade shows and conferences to promote efficient agricultural irrigation practices 

Goals of TAIA:

  •  Promote standards for proper design, installation and management of irrigation systems

  • Promote water and soil conservation through efficient irrigation practices

  • Communicate information and educate farmers and the general public about agricultural irrigation

  • Encourage cooperation among all segments of the industry

  • Promote a closer liaison with financing agencies

  • Promote ethical business practices within the industry

  • Cooperate with other agencies and organizations to promote efficient use of water and conservation

  • Interact in the legislative and regulatory process

  • Promote scholarships for university students​

  • Bordovsky, Jim​
  • Clark, Walt
  • Fipps, Dr. Guy​
  • Joseph, Tom
  • Miller, Marion
  • New, Leon
  • Schulze, Roger
  • Smith, Nick
  • Spain, Robin
  • Stephens, Mike

Charter Members


  • Agricultural Products, Inc. 
  • American Valley, Inc. 
  • Armin Poly-Pipe
  • ATS Irrigation, Inc. 
  • Bowsmith, Inc. 
  • Claude Laval Corp.
  • Diamond Plastics Corp.
  • Equipment Supply Co., Inc.
  • Franse Irrigation
  • Fresno Valves & Castings, Inc.
  • Great Plains Meter
  • Hi-Tech Irrigation, Inc.
  • I-E "Top-o-The-Line" Pumps
  • Lake Company, The
  • Lindsay Manufacturing Company



  • Lockwood Corporation
  • Marion Miller & Associates
  • Master Manufacturing Company
  • Mesa Irrigation Co.
  • Nelson Irrigation Inc.
  • Rainbird Sales, Inc.
  • Senninger Irrigation, Inc.
  • SWISH, Inc.
  • Valley Ag-Electric, Inc.
  • Valmont Irrigation, Inc.
  • Waterman Industries Sales
  • Weather-Tec Corp.
  • Western Ag Sales Co., Inc.